lundi 7 avril 2014

tournoi de loudeac

le tournoi de loudeac a réuni prés de 14 joueurs se sont réunis autour de la règle field of glory des photos des participants peuvent être visionnées ici : pour chacun un lot peint, un tout petit lot a gift for each at the loudeac tournament

6 commentaires:

  1. thanks phil
    now i'm waiting for your almoghavar with impatient

  2. That was wonderful Marco! My favorite is the camel disguised as an elephant. I do wonder how that worked as there is quite a size difference between a camel and an elephant. ;-)

    Anyway, one of the best gifts a man can give is free painting so well done! And the tournament looked like a blast!

  3. thanks monty
    the deguised camel was a special gifted
    the tournament was based on elephant
    so it was a funy gifted for a friend
    didier robert
    surnamed the did as a reference to the dude (the big lebowski)
    ("le duc" in french)
    kind and fairplay
    the kind of man that help hobby to live
    thanks monty

    1. Very cool. I've heard of themed tournaments and it sounds like a great idea. Keep up the great work, Marco.

  4. Superbes figurines...Il est vrai que la première est très impressionnante!